Jo is a very talented therapist, with a particular attention to detail. She is very sensitive, can pick up subtleties and has a passion for the works she does. I have had a number of sessions with Jo and i recommend her.

Russel Balajit Lewins

Thank you...

Just had my first ever Shen treatment. What can I say it was a wonderful relaxing experience. I truly feel grounded and calm for the first time in weeks.
Thank you Jo xxx

Natalia Hesketh

Works well and instantly...

Initially a sceptic on all these therapies I was introduced to Jo after being off work with depression after being told was suffering from PTSD, anxiety and panic attacks after a sudden bereavement of my partner to only go through it again 8 months later with my Mother. I am so glad I went to Jo after the first episode she totally put me at ease, made me feel all that was happening to my body as totally normal. Jo is a super skilled, professional and sensitive too.

Even after my initial first SHEN Therapy which I was excited about trying, although a little unsure at the same time, I came out feeling on top of the world, Jo straight away made a difference, getting rid of so much negativity that my body even felt lighter, like a weight lifted. Having couldn’t wait for a second session – after this I felt more confident to feel more emotional connectivity in my life, more stable and more like my happy go lucky self.

I had a third appointment and can honestly say it felt like about 10/15 mins I don’t know where the time went, but after this it just keeps getting better and more positive. I totally Champion Jo and her Shen Therapy Sessions and can’t wait to have another session, am in awe that it works so well and instantly!!
SHEN really worked for me...

I had SHEN therapy over a year ago now and the improvement to my self esteem and sense of purpose has stayed despite new challenges. SHEN changed the way I feel about myself since I can remember. I also had a lot of insights about myself.

I only went as it was recommended to me and I hadn’t had this type of energy work before. Jo put me totally at ease and explained that SHEN was developed by a NASA physicist which I quite liked the idea of. It was totally relaxing and I felt I was really understood. I feel I am more empowered to deal with life. I had some difficult feelings that felt like they were part of me as I had them so long but with Jo’s treatment they went. I find I can trust people more now and gradually because of that I have been feeling part of things much more. SHEN really worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good solution to being affected by past difficult times.
Amazing Effect...

Sometimes in our life an experience will come along that has the power to bring positive change to our lives in ways we never thought possible. Prior to receiving Shen from Joanne Henton I was aware of it but had never really looked into the benefits it brings.

Finding time to relax properly or to deal with the stress and anxiety in our busy lives is never easy!

I can’t praise Joanne Henton or Shen therapy highly enough for the amazing effect it’s had upon me and my life.

Kevin Gauvain

Made peace with myself...

After a long battle with bullying at school, failed relationships and friendships and losing my mum to cancer, I believed it was me verses the world. I did manage to fight it and became confident in myself and hold my own.

However, after 2 abusive relationships and being made redundant at my job, my confidence that I had left and self esteem was shattered. When I had an accident and ruptured a disc, I went on to develop social anxiety, lost all my friends and important social networks and felt like I had no purpose or spirit.. everyone was too busy or just didn’t have the time to talk to me anymore.

I then saw Jo’s page and read about how Shen was beneficial. I had never heard of shen before but I was willing to give it a try. I had tried many things from reki to talking therapies and CBT many times but to no avail. Straight away I felt like I could be myself around Jo and not feel judged about how I feel or what thoughts I had or for just being me. She understood me and it felt like such an overwhelming relief like I was finally coming home.

I had many shen sessions, and each time, bit by bit.. I noticed I started to understand myself better, the days were getting better, that heavy hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach was finally diminishing. I don’t have to feel sorry for just being me anymore, I can embrace it. Today I will understand that although I will never be the most confident of people, I am happy that I have made peace with myself and feel strong standing on my own 2 feet again.. never did I think that was possible!
Depression completely disappeared...

After a few treatments with Joanne my depression which I have suffered from all my life completely disappeared and has not returned 7 months later. Also the overwhelm, fear that I felt sometimes that left me feeling paralysed has gone which was a miracle really. Instead of focusing on the negatives I am much more positive and have gratitude for the good things in my life. Thank you Jo for making this possible. ” SHEN is a hands on therapy with a scientific basis using Qi flow in the body to relax emotional and traumatic holdings to empower and improve emotional health.
SHEN Journey...

I was burnt out, exhausted, emotional, overloaded!

So I started my SHEN journey, currently 3 sessions in. SHEN does takes a bit of getting used you, and is challenging. However with Jo’s insight, encouragement and passion in people (and Shen) I have felt a new improved Sophie is on her way.

Sophie Knight

It’s a healer...

I had SHEN when I was pregnant and found the results amazing. I’d have loved to carry on with it after Cole was born but due to leaving Guernsey have not had the chance. Truly know it’s a healer. Xx

Lisa Jamieson

A clearer and happier life...

I had no idea what to expect from SHEN. I’ve tried many alternative therapies, most of which have had some benefit, but haven’t had the effect that SHEN has had on me. I felt an instant connection with Jo and I honestly believe that the therapy is only a part of the success, the therapist is the rest. I’m now forward to a much clearer and happier life.
Jo is awesome...

Jo is awesome! Try it you will never be the same again! "One’s mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions” – Oliver Wendell Holmes (physician & author)!!

Aoife Bennet