Joanne Henton

First of all ‘hello’ and I hope you found the site useful.

A bit about my background  – I grew up in a large family and was lucky enough to live in places which encouraged and inspired my intrigue in nature and how things worked (hence my studying physics). As well my interest in science I have always been interested in mysteries of the ancient and had an inkling that we can draw on energies maybe not obvious to us, even as a young child I remember thinking about this.

After moving away from Cornwall to do my degree at Oxford University (graduated 1992) I trained initially as a part-qualified Actuary working in Westminster district, LONDON.  I moved to Guernsey in 2003 with my husband and have 2 children now both teenagers.

I had a problem whereby I kept developing periods of social anxiety and deep depression.   Despite getting extremely healthy with food and being physically fit it marred my day to day living at times.

I really needed something to heal the familiar painful emotions and patterns that kept rearing their heads – and I found SHEN Therapy.

Based on the tremendous effect SHEN had on me, I decided it was something I wanted to take further (training from 2014-2018).  The Certification Board is that of the International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA)

I am very happy to deliver SHEN to all sorts of people from babies to the elderly and all in between.

For anyone wanting SHEN who does not live on Guernsey, I can do this on a one-to-one basis as an ‘Intensive’ of SHEN sessions. Guernsey is a short flight from London Gatwick and Southampton, Exeter and Bristol and of course Jersey and Alderney. Airlines flying to Guernsey are Aurigny and Flybe

Certified SHEN Therapist (I.S.T.A.) USUI Reiki Master/ Teacher B.A. M.A. (Physics) (Oxon)

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If you would like to make an appointment or find out more about our SHEN Sessions or Retreats, please call or email Joanne.