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Joanne Henton


First of all ‘Hello’ and I hope you find the site useful. If SHEN sounds right for you and/or you have had it recommended – then I look forward to hearing from you.


A bit about me… I came to Guernsey with my family in 2003 and previously lived in Warwickshire and before that London (where I was a trainee Actuary for a consultancy firm in Westminster). I had previously studied Physics at Oxford University (MA BA) and prior to that grew up in a valley in Cornwall with extended family dotted around nearby.


I followed a path of yoga, exercise at the gym, running and very healthy nutrition – also qualified as a Reiki Master – but kept getting times of deep depression and anxiety and tiredness most days.


I really needed something to heal the familiar painful emotions and patterns that kept rearing their heads – and I found SHEN Therapy, by sheer luck, in a Health Magazine. Tony Bailey CST had written a double page article about SHEN Therapy.


It took me a year but I signed up for a Part A course in Bewdley at Tony’s home. Based on the tremendous effect SHEN had on me, I decided it was something I wanted to take further (training from 2014-2018). The Certification Board is that of the International SHEN Therapy Association (ISTA).

Joanne Henton

I am very happy to deliver SHEN to all sorts of people from babies to the elderly and all in between.


For anyone wanting SHEN who does not live on Guernsey, I can do this on a one-to-one basis as an ‘Intensive’ of SHEN sessions. Guernsey is a short flight from London Gatwick and Southampton, Exeter and Bristol and of course Jersey and Alderney. Airlines flying to Guernsey are Aurigny.


Certified SHEN Therapist (I.S.T.A.) USUI Reiki Master/ Teacher B.A. M.A. (Physics) (Oxon)