What is SHEN?

SHEN Explained – Why SHEN Therapists get faster results


There is a huge wealth of further information which has been carefully documented over the years about SHEN Therapy. See www.shentherapy.net

1st: We work directly with the emotions


Our emotions are in our torsos, where we feel them. Painful emotions of grief, fear, and shame trigger the Auto-Contractile Pain Reflex (an instinctual physical spasm that prevents broken bones from causing tissue damage). But since the emotional pain is inside the contraction it never lets go, which is why painful emotions never seem to end. You feel this contraction when your gut clenches in fear or shame or when your heart hurts while grieving. SHEN Practitioners are trained how to use the Qi in their hands to release the contractions and restore emotional health.

2nd: SHEN’s roots are in Ancient Healing


In essence, SHEN is a greatly updated and vastly improved version of the hands-on healing techniques once used by the Medical Healers in the Houses of Life in ancient Egypt and the Temples of Asclepius in ancient Greece, back when the philosopher Socrates admonished the Physicians of Athens to, “Heal the Emotions first!”

3rd: SHEN follows the laws of Physics

All fields in physics have flow patterns and the human Biofield is a field in physics. Painful emotions obstruct and block the normal flow patterns of Qi in the Biofield; in SHEN we use the Qi from our hands to remove blockages at the emotion centres and bring the Biofield flows back to normal. Then you’ll be able to feel joy and confidence, and re-connect with your lost Self esteem. See Sessions Explained.


Once an emotion is processed out of the body in this way, it is gone, it cannot return. This means that you feel more empowered, less reactive to other people and basically feel much ‘better’. See Testimonials.